People of Portland

A Photographic Anthropological Project

What is this?

An experiment in social exploration

Portlandia was a great show, but so many people take it as gospel rather than enjoying the satire of it. It was not to be taken literally, we are not like that, not all of us, not all the time, not in every way. Portland is the type of place where people want to be, which is why so many people come here, to life freely and experience this beacon of love, expression, joy, passion, food, art, music, nature, compassion, life.

We're not hipsters, that's a generalization people use to describe a passion they don't hold. This is how I want to experience portland, through the faces and brief stories of the people that live here.

The People of Portland.

People of Portland

“One must always be aware, to notice—even though the cost of noticing is to become responsible.” ― Thylias Moss



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